Top 30 Citation Sites For Poland

We present you with a list of the best Polish citation sites and directories that will boost the local rankings of your business. We included each website’s domain authority to give you a better idea of where you should register your business first.

The best citation sites and directories in Poland.

What exactly is a local citation?

When we talk about local citations, we essentially refer to a business’s important information that’s spread across directories, web pages, and social media platforms. These pieces of info spread across the web are called NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number), and their purpose is to help users find a specific business on search engines like Google and Bing.

Besides the user experience variable, they are still a ranking factor when doing Local SEO for a business, and you should definitely update them once in a while by including new photos, videos, and changes in NAP.

Why should every Polish business include citations in their overall Local SEO Strategy?

All businesses located in Poland should leverage the opportunity to create citations as part of their local seo strategy because there is an increased chance for a potential client to find them on the internet.

When a user searches for a specific type of business in Poland, Google will return results based on various directories you’ve registered your business, so the more citations you’ve built, the better your chances of getting found.

Keep in mind that not all citations have the same power, which is why we included the domain authority of each website so that you get to choose which ones to build first (ideally, the highest ones!).

Finally, citations are still a ranking factor in local seo, and if the information is accurate across various web pages, it can positively impact your local search rankings.

Local Citation Sites List (POLAND)

NumberWebsite URLDomain Authority

A to-do list when creating citations for local businesses in Poland.

To ensure the best-optimized citation for a local business in Poland, we provide a checklist of things to include during the registration process:

Stay consistent with NAP (Name-Address-Phone Number) in EVERY citation.

Ideally, the Gmail account associated with your Google Business Profile should be used for all citation sites.

Upload tons of high-quality photos of your business, videos, and a logo.

Write an engaging description where you can include keywords related to your niche and location. Example: Bar(niche) in Kraków(location).

Define Primary and Secondary categories exactly as you did on Google Business Profile.

When you have the option to include hashtags or keywords as part of the overall citation profile, I suggest you do it. Always include the location as it triggers proximity signals, which helps with the local search rankings.

Prioritize big data aggregators first, like Foursquare, then directories exclusive to Polish businesses. Continue with industry-specific websites and leave the general worldwide directories with low domain authority for last.

Include a link to your website and other social media profiles.

Which Types Of Local Citations Exist?

Two types of Local Citations exist on the internet: Structured Citations and Unstructured Citations.

Structured Citations

Here, your business’s NAP (Name-Address-Phone Number) and other important information are mentioned in different online directories like Yelp or Foursquare and help increase the visibility and credibility of your business. Here’s an example of a Structured citation of a Polish local business:

This is a structured citation of a Polish business on Tripadvisor.

Unstructured Citations

In this case, your business’s info is mentioned in blogs, press releases, and other external websites that are not directories. Contrary to the structured ones, where you always see the NAP, we get part of the business’s complete information here. Here’s an example of an Unstructured citation of a Polish local business:

This is an unstructured citation of a Polish business.