How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile Menu

Showcase your best dishes through the Menu option on your Google Business Profile.

A guide on how to leverage the Google Business Profile Menu feature.

How To Leverage The Google Business Profile Menu Section

In today’s digital age, it is crucial for all types of businesses, including restaurants, to establish a solid online presence. A major aspect of this online presence is the restaurant’s website, with the Menu being one of the most critical components.

The Menu is the centerpiece of any restaurant and holds a vital role in attracting and retaining customers. Moreover, regarding online visibility, the Menu is a crucial element that can significantly impact local search rankings.

So, how can a local restaurant leverage its most potent weapon, the Menu, and integrate it into a local search engine optimization strategy?

Of course, by filling the Menu section of its Google Business Profile.

What Is The Menu Option In GBP? 

Once a restaurant type of business creates its Google Business Profile, the edit Menu section is automatically unlocked, allowing the owner to register their Menu with photos, descriptions, and prices.

Edit Menu option on GBP.

While only available for mobile searches, it’s beneficial for potential clients because they can thoroughly see the plethora of dishes the business serves and decide if it’s worth visiting the place and tasting its delicious food.

Why Is It Important To Optimize The Menu Section?


The main goal of every business is to turn leads into customers, and presenting the Menu in digital form would be the wisest choice restaurant owners should make.

With all the details anyone can find on Menu’s catalog, along with high-quality photos, it is one of the most crucial steps to convince a client that the food you serve matches their needs at the time being and is willing to come at least to taste them out of curiosity.


Another reason you should optimize your menu section is to take advantage of that extra snippet of text Google displays on Google Maps, the local justification.

An example of Menu
local justification

The Menu has its unique place amongst the 9 available justifications.

When someone searches for a particular dish in a specific area, for example, “sushi in Texas”, there’s a chance Google will return results with every listing with the sushi option in that area.

So, take advantage of the opportunity to leverage that easy hack.

Higher Local Rankings

If you want to grab the attention of Google’s local search algorithm and increase your rankings on Google Maps, listing all your menu items is a no-brainer.

That amazing discovery is credited to Claudia Romina on Twitter, who increased the rankings of a local restaurant just by adding its famous tableside Caesar salad to the GMB menu section.

When I found out about this simple hack, I couldn’t stand idle, so I went to check out a listing of a local restaurant I manage for a client, and I found out I was ranking in the number 1 and 2 positions for each menu item. Simply Amazing!!!

a screenshot of a local restaurant listing in positions number one and 2 on Google Maps.

How To Fully Optimize The Menu Section

Below are all the available easy optimizations anyone can do to complete the section entirely.

Menu Section

That is an essential step because you create food categories that you later fill in with each dish.

Examples: Burgers, Spaghetti, Seafood, Cakes etc.

Select the menu section.

Dish Name

Here you list each unique dish under the related categories and give it a name like enlisted in your existing catalog.

For example, under the Burger section, you can put chicken burger, XXL burger, barbecue burger etc.

fill every single dish of the menu.


You provide the pricing for each individual dish.

Dish Description

Here you can be creative with words and give concise descriptions focused on the cooking method, appearance, ingredients, accompaniments ( garnishes, sauces ) and language that emphasizes senses ( crispy, juicy, spicy).

Dish Photo

To make the Menu more appealing, use high-quality photos that cover each dish and enhance them to look more professional in the eyes of potential clients.

Unique dish attributes (vegan kitchen)

Vegan cuisine is trending these days, and many people prefer vegan food, so if you serve them, it’s best to choose the specific option on available dishes.

choose vegan attributes on google business profile menu

How Else Could I Use The Menu On My Google Listing?

1. Link To Website Menu

While the GBP menu is an excellent opportunity to showcase your delicious plates, it’s equally important to have a landing page dedicated to your Menu on your website.

Put you website's menu url on your GBP

You can put the URL of that page on your Google listing and give customers a choice to visit your website, where they can have a better look at your dishes.

2. Use The Google Posts Feature

After registering the Menu on both GBP and the website, you can use Google Posts to showcase even more of your cuisine.

Here the options are endless, but let me give you some suggestions to leverage this section further.

On the “What’s New” post, you can write with more details about each menu category and link back to your website. There’s also a chance for a bonus justification, so take advantage of that opportunity right now.

On the “Offers” post, reference your special deals on Weekends, Valentine’s Day etc., and link back to your menu URL.

On the “Events” post, you can talk about the upcoming event, where you make a live presentation of your entire Menu, with some new dishes that will be added in the future.