How To Create A Free Google Business Profile Website

Use Google’s free option to create a business site without spending any money.

How to create a google business profile free website.

How To Create A Google Business Profile Free Website

We all know that the average small business owner has limited resources and a tight budget that prevents them from investing in a website.

Every dollar counts, and the idea of allocating a significant portion of those hard-earned funds to something intangible, like a website, can be disheartening.

Thankfully, Google has a solution for this kind of situation and allows businesses to create a free website right from their Google Business Profile Dashboard.

Although creating beautiful designs and proper SEO optimizations may be challenging, there are still techniques you can use. I will share these techniques with you in the following sections.

But first, let’s see where the option is to create that website for free, and then we will specify all tweaks you can apply as part of a general GBP optimization strategy.

Where Is The Free Google Business Profile Website Option?

To access the free website creation feature in Google Business Profile, first ensure that your profile does not contain any external URLs (such as a Facebook page link or a Yelp directory URL).

Now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to go to your Google business dashboard and click on edit profile.

Choose edit profile on GBP dashboard.

Scroll down, and you will see the New Website option. Select Get Started, and then Google will automatically create your business site and transfer you to the site’s interface.

Choose get started on the website option to create a free Google Business Profile Website.

How To Optimize Your Free Google Business Site

From now on, your options are limited, so you may ask me, which local search optimizations can I apply to get some decent boost?

Let’s take a look in the EDIT area, where you can implement all the tricks I will mention below.

1) Choose a Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

A call-to-action button is crucial for a website as it compels and guides visitors towards taking desired actions, such as getting directions or contacting you via email.

Choose what’s easiest for you to handle (usually calling you is the most straightforward option).

Use a proper call to action button on your google business profile free website.

2) Craft a Catchy Site Headline

When crafting a headline for your free GPB site, you should immediately capture the user’s attention while including relevant and geo-located keywords.

Use local and relevant keywords to craft a catchy headline.

Here are some examples:
“The best coffee shop in Texas”
“Your Trusted Dentist in Downtown Houston”
“Expert Web Design Agency in Brixton”

3) Fill Your Business Description

The text on your website will help the search engine (Google) understand what your business is all about. In this case, you can include relevant and location-based keywords and even use text from the original listing description. In my opinion, it’s the area which you utilize the most.

Fill in your business description using local keywords.

4) List Your Services On Summary Body

First, in the Summary Head, use the primary keyword + services + location.

Example: Electrician Services in Texas

Then, go to the Summary Body and list all your services with bullet points, precisely like you mention in the Services section on your Google Business Profile.

List all your services exactly like in your GBP.


If you already have a website, you can place links pointing to individual services pages and a link to the homepage.

For maximum results, use service + location as anchor text for service pages and primary keyword + location anchor text for the homepage.

You can also add links to your social media pages.


The free Google Business site serves as a dynamic landing page that seamlessly incorporates real-time updates to the Google Business Profile (GBP).

While it supports business owners who don’t have the money to invest in a proper website, it’s clearly a temporary solution.

It won’t stand against competitors in their local area who have already taken action and got a great website optimized for local search.

Still, I recommend the free option because even if you don’t want to spend a single penny now, you can do that later and replace this business site with a new, more professional one.

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