The Ultimate Guide To Google Business Profile Products

Let me show you how you can leverage the GBP product editor and bring customers to your business door.

The ultimate guide to Google business profile Products.

How To Add Google Business Profile Products

An effective online presence focusing on a product-based strategy is essential for businesses nowadays as it provides an easy road to reach out to their target audience and boost sales.

Increasingly, the success of any online strategy largely depends on the product itself, and knowing that winning factor, you can implement it into your Google Business Profile optimization through the GMB products section.

With that in mind, let’s dive deeper into the product editor and how you can leverage it to your benefit.

What’s The Products Section In Google Business Profile?

Many business owners with storefronts selling a wide variety of products now have the opportunity to showcase them in front of potential customers with the powerful Product Catalog feature offered by Google Business Profile.

When we talk about the products here, we essentially refer to a specific section within Google’s local listing that shows individual products the owner can add with prices, photos, descriptions etc.

In the image below, we can see an example of a business that added products to its listing and how they are shown on Google Search and Google Maps mobile app.

The products section on a local listing.

So, how can you do the exact same thing?

Let me explain it to you in the next section.

How To Add Products To Your Google Business Profile

To help you understand how this works, we will use an example of an optic store that sells sunglasses and eyeglasses.

1) Select Add Product

The first and most obvious step would be adding our first product.

To do that, log in to your Google Business Profile and select Edit Products, and you will be transferred to the old dashboard.

Select the edit products section on GBP.

From there, select add product, and you will begin adding your first product.

Add products though the google business profile manager.

2) Upload Product Image

Your first option should be to upload a clear, high-quality image of the product you want to register.

Adding an image of your product.

Have a consistent background for each product (perhaps a specific self or a table).

If you have an e-commerce website, you can use the same image in your GBP.

You can make little color enchantments but keep the look original and use 720 x 720px dimensions.

3) Product Name

As the title says, here you add the name of your product, which has to be the same as the one on your website, in case you have an e-shop.

Add the name of the product.

4) Product Category

Compared to product subcategories you can have on an e-commerce site, here you only get to choose one category per product, so make sure you have actually thought about which categories your products fall into so that you won’t be confused later.

Add the category the product belongs to.

One simple trick is to match your product categories with the secondary categories of your GBP ( if you have more than one category).

So, for example, if you are a home decoration store, but you also include “painting store” and “lighting store” as secondary categories, then you can divide your products into “decoration”, “paintings”, and “lighting”.

5) Price

That’s an optional choice, but I suggest filling that tab because that can help a customer better grasp the general price range of the goods you sell.

6) Product Description

Here, you try to write a compelling description, pointing out the unique selling point of your product and what it is made of, but try to keep it straightforward.

Add a unique description of your product.

If you don’t know what to write, you can use Chat GPT to create the product description for you.

7) Add Landing Page URL

Although optional, you should add the URL pointing to the dedicated product page on your website.

Add the landing page URL of your product.

That way, you give your customers the option to visit your online store and buy from you, considering you made a good first impression with the above optimizations.

5 Reasons To Optimize Your GBP Product Catalog

I would say that you must definitely take advantage of that free feature if you’re looking to give your business an online boost, and here’s why:

Increased Visibility

Adding products to your profile helps increase your online presence and visibility.

When people search for products related to your business, your profile will appear in the search results, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Show Off Your Stuff

Showcasing your goods in your listing is like having a sales team that never sleeps.

Detailed information about your products makes it easier for customers to buy them, which increases the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase.

That means more sales and more profits for your business.

Improve Customer Experience

When customers see your products on your profile, it can make the shopping experience more convenient for them.

They can browse your offerings, learn more about them, and even make purchases by clicking the call-to-action button that directs them to the shopping cart on your website.

Improve Engagement

If you grab the attention of searchers and make them spend time on your listing, you give behavioral signals to Google that this business is interesting enough for people to look at its GBP thoroughly, which helps to rank in the Map Pack.

Beat Your Competitors

Even after years of its launch, most businesses have yet to leverage that feature to their benefit, so now it’s time to distinguish yourself from the competition and create the perfect product catalog on Google Search.


With more and more people focusing on deep research of any business, it is more necessary than ever to stand out in your local area and show all aspects of your store.

The customer’s journey begins with awareness of your business through local search, and showing your products with all the necessary details will give you the edge you need to persuade them to purchase from you, which should be your end goal.

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