How To Change Google Business Profile Logo

Learn how to add or change your logo on Google Business Profile.

How to change logo on Google Business Profile.

How To Change The Logo On Your Google Listing

I am sure that somewhere on the internet, when you search for a local business, either on social media or looking for its website, you will immediately recognize it by its logo, which is essentially the face of the brand.

That small image, often seen in a square or circular shape, is a crucial element of your local business, and you should include it in your most important digital asset, which is your Google Business Profile.

So, let’s explain everything about your Google business profile logo and how to change it in your listing dashboard.

Why Your Google Business Profile Logo Is Important?

When potential customers see a professional-looking logo, their brains immediately associate it with your business. This connection sticks in their memory, making them more likely to choose your products or services in the future.

This trust and familiarity are essential for attracting a consistent stream of clients to your storefront.

Your logo is part of your Google Business Profile photo gallery, but, unfortunately, I see most business owners forget to upload one or believe it is not as important as the rest of the pictures.

Trust me, without it, a big piece of the puzzle is missing. I mean, it’s like a human who walks out in the snow without shoes.

Consistency is the key here, and, like your social media pages, website, and local citations, you must add the logo to your Google listing. So, every time someone searches for your business on Google, they should immediately see your logo in there.

How To Change Logo In Google Business Profile?

Adding and changing your logo on Google Business Profile is so simple anyone can do it in just a few steps.

1. Go to your Google Business Profile dashboard on Google Search

This is the Google business profile dashboard in Google Search.

2. Click on the “Add Photo” icon.

Select the add photo icon on google business profile dashboard.

3. Choose the second option, “logo.”

Choose the logo option

4. Select or drag a photo from your desktop or mobile, depending on where you are logged in.

Select photo or drag photo to upload the logo of your google listing.

5. Voila! Your logo has been uploaded to your listing.

The business logo has been uploaded to google business profile.

What Are The Google Business Profile Logo Guidelines?

Google states that your listing logo should be:

  • Square image of 720 x 720 pixels as recommended dimensions.
  • JPG and PNG format.
  • More than 10KB and maximum 5MB file size.
  • Clear and easy to read.
  • Relevant to your business and not a stock photo.

How To Create A Free Logo Using AI?

If you want a free logo without the hassle of designing it yourself, AI can be your best friend. I recommend Microsoft’s free AI tool, Bing Image Creator, to generate a logo for your local business.

After you describe in the AI image generator exactly how your ideal logo should be, you can then go to Canva and edit it to fit Google’s recommended dimensions.

Here’s a video by Website Learners that guides you exactly through the process of making a logo with AI, totally for FREE!


Now that you have learned how to add or change your logo on your Google Business Profile, it’s time to put my instructions into action. You could even utilize the AI idea I provided to establish your brand recognition, which is crucial in today’s digital era.

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