The Complete Guide To Google Business Photos

Enhance your online presence in local search results by utilizing the images in your Google listing.

The ultimate guide to google business profile photos.

Introduction To Google Business Photos

In the past, before the rise of modern marketing techniques, local businesses used to depend on eye-catching posters on the streets to attract clients to their stores.

These campaigns were successful due to their main component: Images!

in 2024, businesses still rely on images’ persuasive power to attract customers to their products and services. The main difference now is that we are digital consumers, which means that photos in various digital forms have become the primary way to choose a local business.

For this article, I will not delve into photography and the digital landscape in general. Instead, I will direct my focus toward the topic currently of utmost concern to most of you, which is Google Business Profile Photos.

Why Are Google Business Profile Photos Important For A Local Business? 

Did you know that one photo could significantly impact your business’s success? It might sound exaggerated, but in today’s digital age, where people have short attention spans, your Google Business profile images can create a powerful and lasting impression on potential customers.

How we visually present our business can either pique someone’s interest, establish trust and loyalty, or immediately drive them away.

It’s one of those important tasks you have to do on your Google Business Profile optimization list that makes a serious impression on anyone who searches your business online.

To clarify, we are referring to a significant conversion factor that Google has confirmed in one of its reports. The tech giant states that:

“Businesses with photos are more likely to receive requests for driving directions to their location, as well as clicks through to their websites, than businesses that don’t have photos.”

Photo gallery from a google business profile.

On the other hand, we have this sweet 2023 survey conducted by Whitespark on the local search ranking factors, where the Quality and Relevance of Photos are ranked in the top 10 spots, which signifies how necessary it is to have a bunch of high-quality pictures uploaded onto your listing.

Where Can Someone See Your Google Listing Images?

To easily find pictures of a business in your area, simply check out their business profile. Currently, you’ll be able to see these photos on both Google Search and Google Maps.

Google Local Search Results

Once you type in the name of the business you are searching for, their listing will appear on the right side of the screen. However, you will only be able to see their cover photo initially. To view their entire image gallery, click on the cover photo.

Find and see the photos of a business in google search results.

When using a mobile device, you can search for a specific type of business near your location by adding the business category or service + “near me” or location keyword. Google will then display the Map Pack, which shows three businesses and some of their photos. To view more pictures, click on the business name.

Google Maps

In my opinion, Google Maps is the better option as it provides a broader range of search results. You can quickly scroll through them one by one and click on each name to view a variety of photos.

Find and see the photos of a business in Google Maps.

Alternatively, on the right side of the screen, you can view them as red pins on the map. You can access the image profile of each storefront/service area business by hovering over the pins.

Who Can Upload Photos To A Google Business Profile?

The key actors in this scenario are those primarily responsible for managing GBP (usually the owner or someone else) and the potential customers who visit your business.

However, it is essential to consider that customers and owners have not just a single choice but a pair of distinct alternatives when uploading images.

Now, let’s delve into an analysis of these options.

How To Upload Images To Your Google Listing?

Here’s how to add photos to GBP both as the owner of the listing and as a customer:

Add Photos For Owners

Go to your Google Business Profile, select the add photo icon, and you have three options from there.

choose the add photo icon from your google business listing.

Select Photo to add all kinds of photos (interior, exterior etc.)

Select Logo to add your business Logo. (A must to establish your brand)

Select Cover Photo to upload the cover photo of your store, which is usually the shopfront with signage.

These are the typical types of pictures you can upload, but there is an additional option to showcase individual products grouped into categories. You can achieve this by utilizing the products sections on your GBP.

Add Photos For Customers

As a client, you have two options if you want to add pictures to a GBP, both of which are very easy.

1) Type the business’s name in Google search, and the listing will appear. Scroll down until you see the option Add a photo (near the Write a review). Alternatively, you can go to Google Maps and do the same thing (though adding a photo is easier to spot here).

how to add pictures as a customer to a google listing.

2) Include an image when leaving a review. This actually helps the business because Google identifies the credibility of a review and may give a slight boost in rankings. The same goes for Google Maps.

Include a picture on a review of a google business profile.

Which Is The Best Google Business Profile Image Size In 2024?

One matter that worries most business owners is the correct size of images they upload to GBP.

The truth is you want to display your products and services in the best possible way, ensuring that all captured details are visible. This way, clients can appreciate the whole picture rather than just a small part of it.

It is vital to take note of the recommended image dimensions, which can be easily memorized from the information I provide below:

Google Business Profile Image Dimensions

JPG or PNG Format (PNG is better).

10 KB to 5 MB file size (Files that exceed the maximum size limit will be promptly rejected.)

720 px high, 720 px wide is the recommended and (honestly) the ideal size.

250 px high, 250 px wide is the minimum resolution.

Use ONLY original photos with proper lighting, not over-the-top filters and NO STOCK/AI images.

Google Business Profile Logo Dimensions

JPG or PNG Format (Go 100% for PNG to maintain quality).

10 KB to 5 MB file size.

720 px high, 720 px wide is the RECOMMENDED size.

250 px high, 250 px wide is the minimum resolution.

Google Business Profile Cover Photo Dimensions

JPG or PNG Format (PNG is the winner).

1080 px high, 608 px wide is the RECOMMENDED size.

Other alternatives: 1332px X 750px, 960px X 540px, 1280px X 730px and 1024px X 576px.

Usual Choice: Exterior with Signage.


 Which Images To Select For My Listing In 2024?

Once you have familiarized yourself with Google’s guidelines, including appropriate image dimensions and the importance of images for algorithm and conversions, it’s time to tackle the most critical aspect of this guide:

Deciding which pictures a business should upload to their Google Business Profile.

There are numerous ways to utilize your camera to your advantage, and while we can’t mention all of them, I can provide you with a few ideas you can implement in your own listing.

Let’s see what our options are here:

Cover Photo Ideas

1) You can use a nice, crisp photo of your storefront or front door for a cover image. It’s a wonderful opportunity to give folks a glimpse of your business and help them locate you easily.

For instance, a women’s clothing store could showcase its shopfront in the photo, with its name and operating hours prominently displayed.

2) For service area businesses, a picture of the transport with your brand name and Logo in it is a smart choice that highlights the unique way you service your customers on a daily basis.

I’ve observed on multiple occasions that plumbers and electricians frequently use minivans to transport their equipment. They also tend to display their logos on the doors of their vehicles.

3) Change your cover image if your business displays different products on the storefront due to seasonality or redecoration. Always remember to make it eye-catching and informative without sacrificing simplicity.

Exterior Photo Ideas

1) It’s important to feature your storefront at various times of the day, as this can significantly impact the appearance and ambiance of your exterior photos.

Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of a busy morning with a flood of clients at your business doors or the warm and inviting ambiance of your colorful interior lighting at night, the choice is entirely up to you.

Both options have a unique appeal that can capture the attention of potential customers.

2) Exterior decorations like flowers, the front door with colorful posters, the private outdoor parking or a neon light signage are some details you must show to the world.

3) If you have a small garden with benches or tables for your clients near your storefront, you should include them in your image gallery to remind people that you provide comfort upon their arrival to your business.

Interior Photo Ideas

1) You can display all your merchandise by arranging them on different shelves inside your store. For instance, if you own a bookstore, you can organize your books by category and place them on separate shelves.

According to an interesting article by Moz, these ”Shelfies” have a sweet spot in Google’s heart, so I suggest you give it a try!

2) To ensure the best product presentation inside your store, taking all pictures during daylight hours is crucial. This is because natural lighting can significantly enhance the clarity of the images, making them more appealing and informative to potential customers.

3) Photos of the staff with happy faces, the owner talking to their employees, customers at the reception desk interacting with the owner, and a photo with all the team that contributes to the success story of the business are some of your options when you want to display a human touch to your gallery.

How Many Photos Should I Have On My Google Business Page?

There is no magic number nor a standard strategy for uploading images. Still, some proven methods may keep your photo profile constantly updated with fresh material.

  • I recommend uploading 5-10 photos per month to maintain a fresh profile. However, there are no restrictions on including more or less, but this number is considered a good balance.
  • If you make any changes to the exterior of your local business in the real world, remember to update your cover photo. Customers who drive to your store expect to see what is displayed in the cover picture to avoid confusion.
  • Consider removing outdated images and replacing them with more recent and improved ones. Completing this task twice a year would be beneficial based on my recommendation. However, there is no specific time frame for doing so.
  • It’s best to remove any images of products that you no longer sell or have no plans to offer in the future.

So, Is A Local Business Worth Focusing On GBP Images?

In the era we live in, people expect to see something with their eyes before they decide to purchase it, and an organized photo gallery on your Google Business Profile, with high-quality pictures, is something you must invest in, even if it means spending some extra penny and hire a photographer.

Google my business pictures are very important.

Social media platforms are primarily centered around images, which have been instrumental in their popularity and success. The GBP also adheres to this pattern, making it crucial to enhance your business photos and transform potential customers into loyal clients.

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